Our dental team at Magill, Marion & Hallett Cove

Dr Alex Piantadosi
Dr Alex PiantadosiDentist
I have been a dentist for the past 17 years; originally I worked in Mildura, but returned to work in Adelaide in 1997, with GP Dental Partners
Dr David Fuller
Dr David FullerDentist
I graduated in 1996 and travelled to London where I worked for 4 years. This gave me time to fulfill one of my other passions in travel and experiencing other cultures
Dr Leonie Faulks
Dr Leonie FaulksDentist
Dr Leonie Faulks is an Australian-based health professional. Leonie is trained as a Dentist and practices in Kensington Park and Warradale.
Dr Rob Piscioneri
Dr Rob PiscioneriDentist
Dr Stephen Carapetis
Dr Stephen CarapetisDentist
I graduated from the University of Adelaide in 1973, and have been working with GP Dental Partners since 1979.
Dr Sundeep Suaan
Dr Sundeep SuaanDentist
I have been practicing both in the public and private sector for the past 5 years. In this time I have developed excellent communication and clinical skills
Dr Wally Waniarcha
Dr Wally WaniarchaDentist
I graduated from the University of Adelaide in 1996, and came to work at GP Dental in1998.
Michael Stallard
Michael StallardHygienist
I graduated with a Dental Therapy Diploma and initially worked for SA Dental Service for approximately 10 years.
Ali Wilson
Ali WilsonPractice Manager