Mouth guards are probably one of the most important pieces of anyone’s sports equipment. They are a low-cost investment for your dental health. A well-fitted mouth guard allows you to breathe, speak and have dental protection from knocks and hits to jaw area.

At GP Dental Partners we can make mouth guards for adults and children who participate in contact sports such as football, basketball, rugby, lacrosse and more.  

We custom fit mouth guards that will protect your smile, your teeth, your jaw bones and gums from critical damage. When they are well fitted they can protect the soft tissues of your mouth from impact, by acting as a cushion like a bumper bar of a car.

Mouth guards can help to prevent serious injuries such as a fracture, chipped or cracked teeth, broken jaws, cut lips and tongues. 

If you would like to protect yourself or your children then give GP Dental Partners a call today at any of our three locations. We can have a mouth guard made and fitted for you ASAP.

How Do Mouth Guards Work?

Mouth guards work by absorbing and spreading the impact of a hit or knock to the mouth and or jaw. The better fitting mouth guards provide more protection to both these areas.

Custom fitted mouth guards are superior to the over the counter ones because they are designed to fit the exact shape of the mouth. They are also stronger and balance your bite allowing you to speak, and breathe.

If your child or even you have braces or another orthodontic treatment they are even more important to wear. As they protect you from serious harm. You would not want to be hit in the mouth with braces and no mouth guard your lips would be cut instantly. Furthermore, the damage could be done to the braces as well compromising the orthodontic treatment.

The custom made mouth guards if properly maintained, stored and checked can last for several years. If you have a mouth guard and are unsure of its usability you can always bring it in to get checked and if needed we can make you a new one.

Why our mouthguards important

If your you or your child plays a contact sport, the risk of injuring your teeth can be high. In many causes, it depends on the sport, with higher impact sports like football, hockey, boxing, & rugby being the higher risk sports for oral health.

Mouthguards can protect you from serious sporting injuries, such as broken jaws, fractured, cracked or knocked-out teeth, cut lips and tongues.

Most player will wear a mouthguard if they are playing an obvious contact sport. However, even non-contact sports like cricket, basketball, netball, touch football, skateboarding, bike riding, and soccer, carry a real risk of accidental collision and resulting dental trauma

Wearing a custom-fitted mouthguard

If you would like to learn more about how GP Dental Can help you protect your mouth, then please give one of our three clinics a call today.

We look forward to helping you & or your children protect there smiles.

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